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Can Sports and Foot Orthotics Co-Exist? Yes!
A lot of us need foot orthotics, but also want to enjoy playing sports, hiking, or jogging. You don’t have to give up your aspiring soccer career or sit out on that hike. With custom sport orthotics, you’ll never miss out on staying active in supportive comfort.
Are Sports Orthotics Right for Me?
  • Do you suffer from foot pain due to flat feethigh arched feet, or plantar fasciitis and also enjoy staying active or participating in sports?
  • Do you want to reduce muscle fatigue and improve recovery time after activities?
  • Do you want better agility, stability, and control in a fast multidirectional activity?
  • Do you want better foot support while standing, walking, or running for long periods of time?
If so, custom sports orthotics made specifically for your sport shoe, hiking boot, or work shoes could be just what you need to keep you going. Sports orthotics will provide the best fit for the shape of your foot and the shape of your sport shoe or boot.
What are the Best Uses for Sports Orthotics?
Sports and athletics are ideal uses for sports orthotics, but these types of orthotics also help with other day-to-day activities.
  • Running
  • Lengthy standing or walking
  • Golfing
  • Biking
  • Skiing
  • Hiking
  • Field sports (rugby, soccer, cricket, softball, baseball, etc.)
You’ll likely find that you enjoy your activities more once you have the right foot support, leading to better support for your joints, legs, and back overall.
What are the Most Effective Sport Orthotics?
While some people can find increased support and comfort in orthotics bought online or in store, this support maybe temporary or inappropriately targeted. Custom-made sport orthotics are customised for the unique shape of your foot and to various footwear. This maximises support, comfort, alignment and stability during sports activities. More importantly, a customised orthotic should be designed to treat a specific pathology or biomechanical deficiency. A podiatrist can provide a biomechanical assessment of your foot and gait, and prescribe an appropriate orthotic to treat your injury or improve your biomechanics. A podiatrist can help you determine the best type of orthotics for you and your active lifestyle.
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