Custom Foot Orthotics | Custom Made Orthotics

What are custom foot orthotics (custom made orthotics)?

Orthotics (more formally known as foot orthoses) can be defined as any artificial, external device applied to the foot to prevent or assist movement. Usually orthotics are placed inside shoes, but some sandals are also suitable for wearing with orthotics. For an orthotic to be effective it needs to be customised to the individual to some degree. Customised foot orthotics were originally made from a plaster cast of the foot. Although many podiatrists still use plaster casts, we believe 3D digital technology is a superior way of creating customised foot orthotics.

Why are custom made orthotics at Hills District Podiatry different?

The staff of Hills District Podiatry believe that 3D scanning for custom foot orthotics is the way of the future. We use a highly accurate and versatile 3D digital scanning system, designed in Melbourne which takes a non-weight bearing digital scan of the foot. Sophisticated software is combined with expert practitioner knowledge to create a customised foot orthotic (custom made orthotics) specific to you and your needs. A number of materials and styles can be used to achieve the desired outcome, and this is all discussed with you prior to the orthotic being made. Our custom foot orthotics are not only made to assist with lower limb pathologies but can make a huge difference to your sporting performance.

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