Osgood Schatters Disease

Osgood Schlatters Disease (Knee Pain)

Osgood Schlatters disease is a condition that results in inflammation of the patella tendon on the tibial tuberosity. This is felt as pain just below the knee joint at the front of the leg. It usually occurs in active children who participate in sports where there is a lot of change in direction such as running, basketball, soccer etc. It can also be caused by growth spurts or may be aggravated by trauma to the area.

Osgood Schlatters disease occurs in males more often than females. It causes a lot of pain in addition to swelling, but given time usually resolves on its own.

In some cases however, the inflammation becomes chronic and the knee may remain painful for a prolonged period of time.

Osgood Schlatters Disease Treatment

In cases like these, treatment options to manage the pain include activity modification, rest, icing, strengthening and stretching exercises, medications, footwear advice and orthotics. If your child is suffering from Osgood Schlatters or knee pain, please come see us at Hills District Podiatry. The podiatrists at Hills District Podiatry are exceptional at paediatric assessments and will provide you with expert and honest advice.

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