In/Out Toeing

In and Out toeing

In toeing (also referred to as being pigeon toed) and out toeing (turned out feet or duck footed) are common variations seen in children.

In Toeing / Pigeon Toed

In toeing occurs when the toes are rotated inwards towards the middle of the body. This may occur due to the femur rotating inwards, an inward curvature of the foot (metatarsus adductus) or an inward rotation of the tibia in the lower leg.

Out Toeing / Duck Footed

Out toeing is the opposite and is due to external rotation towards the outside of the body. This may be caused by external rotation at the hip, femur or tibia.

These anatomical variations can sometimes cause children to have difficulty running, knee pain and or other problems.

If you are a concerned parent it is usually a good idea to have your child assessed, and if necessary, monitor the child as they grow.

Some children don’t out grown the condition, and there are a number of treatment options available if this occurs.

The podiatrists at Hills District Podiatry are experts on this condition and exceptional at paediatric assessments. We will also provide you with professional and honest advice.

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