High Arched Feet

What are high arched feet, and how should they be treated?

High arched feet (otherwise known as Pes Cavus) have a distinctive arch underneath the foot resembling a bridge shape. The arch of the foot serves to absorb shock as we walk or run, but high arched feet usually absorb less shock than an arch with a “normal” arch. High arched feet are not as common as flat feet and they have varying degrees of arch height. In some cases high arched feet may be indicative of a more serious underlying pathology.

The appropriate treatment for high arched feet depends on numerous factors, such as the degree of arch height, symptoms produced and the likelihood of further injury. If there is a lot of pain associated with high arched feet especially when standing for long periods of time or pain during exercise there are various treatments available. One of which is a suitably prescribed accommodative orthotic which can help relieve pain. To distinguish which is the best treatment option a biomechanical assessment is performed. The biomechanical analysis we assess your gait, muscles and joints in your lower limb. This will be conducted to establish which of the treatment options available are best for you. The staff at Hills District Podiatry are high trained in assessing high arched feet and in most cases treatment can help relieve symptoms quickly.

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