Nail Bracing

Nail Bracing

Ingrown toenails (Onychocryptosis) are commonly seen by podiatrists and may affect people of any age. They can be very painful and if not treated quickly, often result in infection. An ingrown toenail is described as a nail that has pierced (or presses against) the skin usually causing inflammation and pain.

What is nail bracing and how does it work?

Nail bracing is a gentle alternative to nail surgery. Research has shown that nail bracing is a successful painless treatment for ingrown and involuted nails. Nail bracing is similar to the bracing of teeth routinely done by orthodontists. In both cases, the braces are used to produce a change over time. In the case of nails, the desired result is to cause the nail to grow flatter, as opposed to growing in a curved fashion which is often the cause of the nails puncturing the skin. Several different types of nail braces are available, they all fit over the top of the nail and are relatively inconspicuous. The methods by which they work, and which one would be best for you will be explained during your appointment. The team at Hills District Podiatry generally recommend a 6 month nail bracing programme which is usually painless and will not affect your footwear choices.

What are the costs for the nail bracing program?

In terms of duration of the program it varies from person to person. Some nails may require less treatment and some may require longer than 6 months. We have an example of the costs of a 6 month nail bracing program so just call one of our practices 0288835647 or enquire online via booking.

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