Vacuum Wound Boots

How does Diabetes affect feet?

At Hills District Podiatry we have found that vacuum wound boots provide excellent offloading properties for those patients who require a period of non-weigh bearing after surgery or due to an injury. Medical conditions that would require a boot such as this include a fracture, stress fracture, diabetic ulcer, extensive soft tissue injuries or Charcot foot syndrome.

What are the features and benefits of a Vacuum Wound Boot?

The particular brand of boot we generally use was created in Germany, and has now become available in Australia. There are a number of features which are unique to these vacuum wound boots:

  • Vacuum Cushion insert
  • The vacuum cushion insert makes it very comfortable for patients as you can adjust this daily. It provides cushioning additional to support features, which can become important to the wearer especially when having to spend extensive periods of time in the boot.
  • Hinge mechanism
  • This makes the boot adjustable depending on the condition that you have, as the angle at the ankle may be altered. This is great for patients with diabetic ulcers or any other condition which requires a different angle of gait. The podiatrist will work with you during your fitting to ensure the boot is right for you.
  • Removable Padding 
  • The removable padding allows you to exchange the inner lining of your boot. This enables the wearer to wash the insides making it more hygienic and decreasing the changes of itching which can occur with other offloading methods such as casts.
  • Adjustable calf width 
  • This feature allows patients who suffer from oedema or other swelling to adjust the boot to so that it always fits snugly to the lower leg.
  •  The boot is removable
  • The boot should not be removed unless instructed by your health care professional.

However, if removal is required for prescribed rehabilitation exercises or physiotherapy, this can easily be done unlike a plaster cast. This makes return to work or activity easier in the long run as there is less muscle atrophy complications which is sometimes an issue with casting. If you would like to know more about vacuum wound boots or want to enquire about the costs, please don’t hesitate to call our clinic on 0288835647. Our friendly reception staff will be happy to assist you with your enquiry, otherwise you can enquire via the online booking on our website.

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