Orthotic Friendly Shoes

Why do we stock shoes and sandals?

We stock our own footwear because they provide our customers with a range of sandals and winter footwear that have a removable footbed, making them ideal for patients with orthotics. This feature enables orthotics to be easily transferred between dress shoes, joggers and sandals alike. For many women especially, this is a huge bonus, allowing them to use their orthotics for majority of the time.

What are the features and benefits of our shoes?

  •  Removable foot bed making them ideal for patient with orthotics
  • Adjustable straps with re-enforced velcro making them easy to get on and off and adjustable for patients with bunions 
  • Leather uppers making them a comfortable fit 
  • Back strap extension around the heel 
  • Middle strap extension to allow room for swelling or bony prominences 
  • Strong shank for stability
  • Additional depth in the forefoot to accommodate an orthotic insert 
  • Adjustable extension straps are available to accommodate a wide foot
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