Sever’s Disease

Severs Disease

Severs disease is a condition that is common in children around the ages of 7-12. It is caused by inflammation of the growth plate on the heel, also referred to as epiphyseal plate.

Severs disease is common in active children that play a lot of running and jumping sports such as soccer or netball. Children with severs disease will often complain about pain in the back of their heel during or after activity. If your child is complaining of pain in this area it is important to have them assessed early, to prevent further complications arising.

The podiatrists at Hills District Podiatry are experienced at treating severs disease and heel pain in general. They will educate you on the condition and the treatment options that are available to you.

How do we treat Sever’s Disease?

Depending on the severity of severs disease there are a variety of treatment options. These include rest or modified activity, stretching, heel lifts, footwear education, orthotics, or medication to relieve inflammation. To distinguish which is the best treatment option a paediatric biomechanical assessment is performed. This will be conducted to establish which of the treatment options available best suit you. The podiatrists at Hills District Podiatry will conduct a biomechanical paediatric assessment and will provide you with professional and honest advice.

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