Knocked Knees/ Genu Valgum

Knocked Knees (Genu Valgum)

Knocked knees (also referred to as genu valgum) is a common condition in children. As the name suggests, knocked knees is a description of when the knees come close together during running, walking or standing.

Knocked knees are a part of normal development as children grow. Babies tend to have bowed legs, and around the ages of 4-6 years, the legs usually develop into a knocked kneed position. There is generally no pain associated with knocked knees and no treatment is necessary as the leg position tends to straighten during the later years of childhood.

In some unusual circumstances however, they don’t. In some cases knocked knees can develop due to other medical conditions such as injury to the shin, bone infection, nutritional deficiencies or obesity. If knocked knees continue to be a problem due to severity, or persists into later childhood, treatment may be recommended.

Knocked Knees Treatment

Some of the treatment options available can include strengthening exercises for the muscles around the knees, custom foot orthotics, splinting or surgery. If you think your child has knocked knees and they are of concern, please come see us at Hills District Podiatry; we would be happy to help. The podiatrists at Hills District Podiatry are exceptional at paediatric assessments and will provide you will professional and honest advice.

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