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Sports Biomechanics at Hills District Podiatry

At Hills District Podiatry, our qualified and experienced podiatrists are experts in sports biomechanics of the lower limb. We offer patients a comprehensive analysis of their gait, applying our findings to improve sporting performance, reduce injury-causing load, and determine safe movement patterns that can be maintained in the long term.

We understand that leading an active lifestyle, free from injury, is important to our patients, both adults and children alike. That’s why we offer a professional sports biomechanics service, including biomechanical assessment; using specialised video technology and other diagnostic tools, we are able to keep you doing the activities you love, pain-free!

At Hills District Podiatry, we pride ourselves on providing all patients with friendly and professional specialist podiatry care.

Sports Biomechanics at Hills District Podiatry – What are sports podiatry and sports biomechanics?

Sports podiatry is a branch of podiatric medicine that specifically focuses on the treatment and management of lower limb and foot injuries relating to sporting activities. Sports biomechanics is a branch of science that examines the forces (both internal and external) that affect the mechanics of human movement.

At Hills District Podiatry, our podiatrists are highly trained in the field of sports biomechanics, and using a number of specialised tools, we can make a thorough biomechanical assessment of your feet and lower limbs.

Our fully qualified podiatrists are experienced in treating sports related injuries of the feet, as well as managing those injuries in the long term. We always work hard to provide our patients with effective treatments and solutions that are suited to the patient, their lifestyle, and their sport.

Sports Biomechanics at Hills District Podiatry – How we make an assessment

Sports biomechanics uses a variety of techniques and tools to assess and ultimately improve sports performance. At Hills District Podiatry, our experienced sports podiatrists use specialised video gait analysis along with various other measurements to make a thorough biomechanical assessment of your lower limb. Our podiatrists analyse your lower limb and foot position whilst non-weight bearing, standing, and walking or running.

Applying principles of sports biomechanics, the video technology allows your podiatrist to examine how you walk or run in very fine detail. The detailed footage, along with measurements of your muscle strength, joint mobility, flexibility and overall alignment, allow your sports podiatrist to determine the mechanics of your feet and legs as you move.

Sports Biomechanics at Hills District Podiatry – Biomechanical assessment is a valuable tool

Sports biomechanics and biomechanical assessment are valuable tools in determining the cause of injury, any muscular imbalances, or pain that you may be experiencing. Once any abnormalities or anomalies are determined, your sports podiatrist will be able to provide a tailored intervention plan, specific to your condition and the requirements of your sport.

Biomechanical assessment is a valuable diagnostic tool. At Hills District Podiatry, our sports podiatrists are experts in sports biomechanics, and using our assessment tools, we are able to offer patients significant improvements in their sporting performance and relief from common podiatric pain concerns. These commonly include:

Sports Biomechanics at Hills District Podiatry

Hills District Podiatry offers a comprehensive service for biomechanical analysis and sports biomechanics, which Sydney patients can conveniently access, at our Rouse Hill Clinic. Our team of qualified and experienced sports podiatrists offers every patient the highest standard of specialist podiatric care, tailored to suit the individual’s condition, lifestyle and sporting activities.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss sports biomechanics with a member of our podiatry team, or for any other podiatry concerns, please telephone our clinic. Alternatively you may complete our online booking form, and a friendly member of our administrative team will be in touch to schedule your consultation.

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