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Curious to know about Shockwave Therapy recovery time? Know how fast the relief and how effective it its.

Shockwave therapy has a high rate of success for those suffering from heel pain as a result of inflammation (Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendonitis). It should most certainly be tried before considering surgery or any prolonged use of pain killers.

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive procedure using acoustic waves to carry kinetic energy to painful tissue. Compressed air is used to create the acoustic waves by way of an external applicator.

  • It’s an evidence-based therapy clinically proven to work by breaking down scar tissue.
  • It’s a nonsurgical therapy with no need for pain killers.
  • It reliefs pain fast and restores mobility.
  • It stimulates collagen production & promotes new blood vessel formation.
  • It reverses chronic inflammation.

What Can I Expect During Shockwave Therapy?

  • The procedure lasts only a few minutes.
  • There could be a feeling of discomfort, but patients report that the discomfort is well tolerated. The intensity can be adjusted as needed. Discomfort is largely due to the area being painful in general.
  • You’ll need a few treatments to fully reverse the chronic inflammation.

Shockwave Therapy Recovery Time?

Because shock wave therapy is not surgery, you won’t have a lengthy recovery time and won’t need to take extended time off work or face any major interruption to your daily routine.

  • Some people experience a slight bruising or soreness to the treatment site within a few hours of shockwave therapy that can last up to a few days. This is minor and should not affect normal day-to-day activities.
  • Many patients experience relief after the very first treatment!
  • A gradual healing will take place over the days, weeks, or months following shockwave therapy treatment, without interruption of your normal daily routine.

Seek advice from a podiatrist on the best treatment for your heel and foot pain.

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